Financial Independence (FI) Basics

Financial Independence (FI) is building up a significant nest egg so that you can eventually quit your job and retire early. You live off of the nest egg you have built through investments, passive income, or side hustles.  

Personal finances is personal and so is the journey to FI.  You determine what FI means for your family according to your family lifestyle, goals, and values!   

Learn if Financial Independence (FI) is the right path for your personal finance journey!  

this is what financial independence feels like

What Does Financial Independence (FI) Exactly Mean?

So, you are already pretty darn good at money! You have no debt, have an emergency fund, make good money, and invest in your retirement! But then you wonder, is there any more you can do?   You are online, and you come across some …

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time and wealth chart to help get to financial independence

9 Personal Finance Numbers to Master

Personal finances are complicated for most people to face. So, people avoid it. It’s uncomfortable to examine our own lives and really investigate our expenses and debt. As human beings, we can not and should not have our weaknesses exposed. But, unfortunately, looking at …

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