Money Management

Money management is about learning how to budget, save, invest and spend money. This improves your financial wellness so that you can become financially wealthy!

Learn how to manage your money so that becoming Financially Independent is not only a dream but it can become a reality.

girl holding up money to show you the purpose of budgeting

Purpose of Budgeting and How to Use It to Your Advantage

Do you cringe at the thought of the b-word?  Budget!  Budgets can be challenging to stick to and restrictive!   But they are necessary!  People do not want a budget telling them what to do.   However, these people are also living paycheck to paycheck. They …

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girl covering her face because she needs to avoid frugal fatigue

Life-Changing Ways to Avoid Frugal Fatigue

Have you ever gone on a budget? How long did it take for you to give up? We fail at budgeting once and then give up. Until we realize that we still have $10,000 of debt in a credit card, a $20,000 car loan, …

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woman budgeting because she understands the purpose of budgeting

Ultimate Checklist: How to Live Frugally on One Income

Are you a parent juggling a career and raising a family in America?   Society says you have to have a successful career as if you don’t have children to raise. And at the same time, it expects you to raise healthy, well-rounded children as …

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